EngeniusMicro was formed in 2007 to commercialize low-power wireless micro sensors that leverage emerging materials and innovative communication protocols.

EngeniusMicro currently maintains a corporate headquarters in Huntsville, AL and an office in Atlanta, GA.

EngeniusMicro’s Atlanta office houses the contracts and accounting functions and most commercial product development. The Huntsville office is responsible for EngeniusMicro’s service contract work and maintains strong ties with Redstone Arsenal and AMRDEC.  In addition, we maintain offices and have access to micro-fabrication lab equipment at both Georgia Tech and Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville. The two office locations allow us to keep a constant presence with current customers at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville and interface with the large industrial and entrepreneurial base in Atlanta.

The Huntsville office houses over 10 different additive manufacturing tools including fused filament deposition machines, Machines for printing high temperature polymers, Printers capable of printing embedded composite fibers in polymers, and UV cured resin stereolithography tools. In addition to these tools, we operate and maintain a Dimatix material printer that is capable of depositing conductive inks onto a variety of substrates and a Voxel8 printer that prints both dielectric polymers substrates and silver nano-particle conductive inks. The Huntsville office recently upgraded thermal test and calibration capability with the installation of an Envirotronics thermal test chamber capable of both hot and cold temperature cycling.