EngeniusMicro innovates technical products and solutions for today’s world by anticipating the challenges of tomorrow.

Advanced Sensor Systems
We focus on developing advanced environmental sensors, specifically geared towards “Internet-of-Things” applications requiring long lifetime or harsh environment operation. Many of our sensor systems are wireless in nature, and we work with a number of wireless protocols allowing our sensors to communicate with other devices in ways you didn’t know were possible.

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Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
EngeniusMicro is using additive manufacturing to advance the state of the art in additive electronics by building our own in-house printers capable of 3D printing electronic circuits and even components. We provide modeling and simulation services with a focus on printable RF components such as specialty application antenna and sensors.

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Microelectronics and MEMS
EngeniusMicro performs design and simulation of MEMS and nano-scale devices, in addition to developing fabrication process flows and performing device characterization. We focus on micro and nano scale developments related to environmental sensing devices, energy harvesting systems, and miniature energy storage components.

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