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Additive Ceramic Packages

Printed Wire Bonding

Additive Machines

Additive Packages

At EngeniusMicro, we understand the unique challenges faced by the aerospace microelectronics community when it comes to die-level ceramic component packaging. Our cutting-edge additive manufacturing technologies enable the creation of intricate and highly precise ceramic packages, offering exceptional thermal, electrical, and mechanical performance at lower cost than conventional packaging options and smaller production quantities.

With our state-of-the-art additive manufacturing processes, we bring unparalleled design freedom and agility to the world of ceramic packaging. Our team works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements, allowing us to produce customized packages that meet the most demanding specifications. From thermal management to hermetic sealing and electrical insulation, our solutions provide robust protection and optimal performance for electronic components operating in harsh environments.

Printed Wirebonds

Our self supporting printed wire bonds allow design flexibility in printed package devices.


Custom die packaging
System on chip packaging
Prototyping applications
Device repair and modification

Additive Machines

Our custom hybrid manufacturing machines are built in house to provide the functionality and flexibility to bring our manufacturing processes to life. These machines provide multiple processes in each machine, allowing rapid combinations of polymer extrusion, pumped ink deposition, and even subtractive processes to provide unique and innovative results.


Printed electronics
Printed packages
Multi-material additive manufacturing
Multi-process additive manufacturing