EngeniusMicro Selected for Additive Manufacturing Phase II SBIR Award

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EngeniusMicro has been selected for award of a $1M contract from the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). This Phase II SBIR effort will use additive manufacturing technology to 3D print electronic packages around bare semiconductor die. Custom, on-demand printing of packages for semiconductor die will reduce the potential for counterfeiting that may occur in untrusted vendors. In addition to the anti-counterfeit benefits, it is anticipated that this technology can reduce the costs associated with packaging small and mid-volume runs of semiconductors. 

EngeniusMicro is an established technology development company with offices in Huntsville, Atlanta and Denver. To learn more about EngeniusMicro visit: www.engeniusmicro.com. The Principal Investigator for this effort is Michael Whitley and he can be reached at 256-261-1260×124. 

Approved for Public Release      
19-MDA-10044 (13 May 19)