Multi-sensing Discrimination System

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EngeniusMicro is developing an autonomous capability for missile systems to perform real time discrimination between hardened targets, which will increase missile system lethality by rapidly and accurately identifying the target and automatically configuring the warhead. The solution integrates multiple sensing modes to realize a robust target discrimination system. The impact and proximity sensor technology can find application in new DoD missile and munition systems employing multi-purpose warheads and requiring small form factor and smart sensing options.

Operational Capabilities

  • Design includes an acoustic material characterization sensor, similar to that used in another program, a structural deformation sensor, akin to a crush switch, and an RF-based material classification sensor to realize a small multi-sensing capability with a flexible form factor
  • Can be applied to new personnel carried weapons systems with multi-purpose warheads designed for MOUT environments
  • Additional sensor methods may be incorporated into the device to improve accuracy and reduce vulnerability to spoofing
  • Conformal antenna printed within missile structure