Motion Control Specifications


X/Y Resolution

  • 10 microns full steps
  • 0.625 microns micro-stepping

X/Y Repeatability

  • <12.5 microns
  • Z Layer Resolution
  • 10 microns
  • 0.625 microns micro-stepping

Z Layer Repeatability

  • <12.5 microns

Direct Write Trace

  • Width = 80 microns
  • Height = 25 microns

FFM Trace

  • Width = 150 microns
  • Height = 50 microns
  • Laser Sensor Alignment
  • Computer Vision Alignment



A precise, versatile, and extensible system for specialty additive manufacturing and integrated additive prototyping. The system is semi-modular and customizable to suit the needs of the user, providing a wide variety of materials and processes. Initially developed as part of an ARMY Additive Manufacturing Technology Phase II SBIR effort, the EMU and associated 3D manufacturing tools and accessories provide a flexible and powerful additive solution for applications requiring unique materials and high precision application of those materials on a variety of substrates. As the system was designed with printed electronics in mind it can print a variety of polymers and nano-particle ink suspensions. The EMU provides the performance of industry leading machines at just a fraction of the price and is configurable to fulfill customer requirements.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies at EngeniusMicro